Rapallo Foodie Tour

Our local host Guido is one the most passionate about ‘pasta, pesto, focaccia & co’ and his tour behind the gastronomic scenes of lovely Rapallo is the best foodie experience.
Meet Guido at the Musical Kiosk before continuing on to Rapallo’s vibrant food market to explore the agricultural products and herbs that are featured in Ligurian recipes.
The tour continues to a nearby artisanal pasta factory, where a local chef makes traditional stuffed pasta called ‘Pansoto’ with market-fresh herbs.
Next stop is the street food – Guido introduces you to his favorite focaccia baker serving this cheesy, hot from the oven, with a glass of local Vermentino wine.
The final stop is his own bottega, follow Guido to his veritable emporium filled to the rafters with delicacies like cured meats, oils and vinegars, and handmade pasta.
Here, all the guests will have the chance to make the real pesto alla Genovese. Pandolce is also on the menu; enjoy the traditional Christmas cake containing raisins, nuts and sundried raisins with a sweet Moscato from nearby Portofino land and toast to the stellar recipes and lifelong memories that can be taken home.
1.30 h. up to 3h | From 100 euro (4 guests)