Park of Portofino Orienteering

Discover the Park of Portofino with the Orienteering! Working on group and team cohesion and building confidence, learn, play and socialize with this fun outdoor sport. The best way to discover the Park and its naturalistic beauties, while having fun! This activity consists in carrying out a predefined path characterized by control points with the aid of a compass and a topographic map that contains details of the places to be covered.

Duration: 2.5/3h  | From 25 euro (min 15 guests)


Street Orienteering

Map, compass and pen: a new and fun way of learning historical and cultural facts about the city and villages! Orienteering activity in the eastern small villages of Liguria or in the historical city center of Genoa. Find out how to orient yourself, learn interesting facts, discover new places and interact with locals worth this unique and fun activity! Location: Santa Margherita, Genova, Portofino, Camogli

Duration: 2 | From 22 euro (min 15 guests)


Marine Orienteering

Kayak, paddle, mask, map and compass: in teams, follow the path in stages to reach the final goal in the shortest possible time. A fun activity based on team spirit and trust growth, all set in the awesome background of the marine protected area of Portofino. Teamwork, confidence, fun, orienteering, sea and nature: these are the main ingredients of the Marine Orienteering itinerary, a day dedicated playing sports within the Park of Portofino and its Marine Protected Area. Kayak or Paddle board, paddle, mask, map and compass. An itinerary in stages to be followed to reach the final destination in the shortest possible time, following a series of way points.

Duration: 2.5h  | From 75 euro (min 6 guests)


Survival Orienteering

Live an outdoor adventure in the Park of Portofino! A two-day orienteering path that allows you to sleep in tents inside the park and live a unique experience in close contact with nature. The experience is ideal for groups and for team building activities, combining team work, sport and sharing. The base camp, from where departures and arrivals will be handled, is at Semaforo Vecchio, located at the highest point of the mountain, where at night you will enjoy a bbq immersed in the nature of the park under the starry sky!

Day 1: – meeting at the car parking of Portofino Vetta – guided hike to Semaforo Vecchio refuge – departure orienteering route: Map delivery. Each participant/team with his own abilities and according to his own intuition will have to reach the points indicated in the shortest time possible, witnessing the passage. – Return to the checkpoint at Semaforo Vecchio and set up of the tent camp – Barbecue at the refuge under the starry sky. – overnight stay in tent (tents provided by our Tour Operator)

Day 2: – breakfast – orienteering route: Participants will have to take a new path through the park – end of activity and debriefing It will be strategy of each participant/team to identify the path to be carried out over the two days.

Duration: 2 days | From 250 euro (min 8 guests)