Come and discover with us Genova and its secrets

City of Art overlooking the sea, Genova, “La Superba”, has developed around its harbour, and has always been a flourishing trading activity. Its ancient heart, Europe’s largest medieval historical centre, is characterized by a dense network of narrow streets where the visitors can “get lost” in search of historic palaces, restaurants and traditional shops. It‘s easy to recognize the noble past of the city with magnificent sixteenth century buildings, shrines and churches of high-value built on small squares. Do not miss a visit to the Palazzi dei Rolli, historical residences that represent Genova between ‘500 and ’600, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the historic centre of Genova: Thanks to its “thousand” faces, Genova offers many opportunities, with possible theme visits, for a tailor made experience.

Genova, definitely one of the most unexpected Italian cities: endless miles of narrow streets overlooking the sea, tall buildings with painted facades dating back to the 15th century, medieval tower-houses, Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque churches, old shops with delicious local products. A welcoming city for families, with the Aquarium, the Maritime Museum and the Città dei Bambini (literary: Kid’s City), for Art and History lovers, with its Museums, historic palaces and churches, for the lovers of good food for the pesto, focaccia, farinata, almond cookies, and much more!

Here are some ideas of guided tours (3 hours):

– MEDIEVAL GENOVA: Guided Tour of Europe’s largest medieval centre. Topics covered: medieval road system, the first cathedral of Genoa, the war between the Maritime Republics, the first noble squares and churches.

– GENOVA AND THE GOLDEN CENTURY: Guided Tour to discover the “Palazzi dei Rolli” and  of the most elegant streets of the “Golden Age.” Topics covered: the “Palazzi dei Rolli”, Genova between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, Genova and the Spanish crown.

– GENOVA AND ITS NOBLE FAMILIES: A Guided Tour through the narrow streets and squares of the old town that will introduce you to the families who dominated the city by discovering  their “command centres”. The tour will end with a guided visit of the Prince’s Palace or the Royal Palace. Topics covered: the Genoese families, the palaces and villas in the city outside the walls.

– GENOVA IN VERTICAL: “urban walk” to discover the best view points and the “vertical” transport system of the city. Topics covered: the morphology of the Gulf of Genoa between the sea and the mountains, the city’s development over the past three centuries, the means of transportation between the hills and the harbour.