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Bike in Genova

From la Commenda to Via Garibaldi, Genova is a succession of narrow roads (vicoli), ancient neighborhoods and beautiful renascence palaces. Main city of the Region Liguria, in the 14th century, Genova has been named “La superba” (the superb) by the poet Francesco Petrarca for its undisputed marine supremacy. Today the city show all the magnificent beauty and richness of one thousand years of history. Our itinerary brings you through the centuries. Starting from the mediaeval harbour, we will pass in front of the palace of San Giorgio (the first public bank in the world) and the house of Columbus. We will continue biking along Via Garibaldi, with the luxury residences of the ancient noble families, before moving up to the hills that surround the city. We will reach the beautiful viewpoint of Castelletto. Continuing along the surrounding hills, we will see the many fortifications built on top of the hills and linked by defence walls. We will be able to reach a couple of them to enjoy the wide view and the beautiful landscape. Biking downhill towards the sea, we will reach the small hamlet  of Boccadasse, a 16th century fishing village. A delicious gelato at the famous “Latteria Igienica” is the best way to relax after the biking effort.



We visit the beautiful baroque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built on ‘the island’ right on the cliffs facing the sea, and will see the charming Castel Dragone, dating back to the 13th  century. After enjoying a cappuccino and a slice of focaccia (the typical local breakfast!) in one of the coffee shops along the sunny promenade, it is time to start our ride. We ride up The Ruta, the panoramic road that links Camogli with the surrounding hills, to the little hamlet of San Rocco perched on the mountain overlooking the sea. San Rocco is the last village that can be reached by motor vehicles. From the churchyard we admire a wonderful views of the Paradise Gulf, stretching all the way from Genoa to Capo Mele. Our journey continues as we enter the Park of Portofino and ride up to Portofino Vetta, the highest point of the promontory. Off road paths give us the chance to admire the lush vegetation of this protected area and reach the Mulino del Gassetta, one of the few ancient watermills remaining in the area.

The mill has been lovingly restored and now hosts a small museum and a charming little restaurant. The perfect lunch stop!
After lunch, riding along paths carved in the rocks, completely surrounded by nature we enjoy breath-taking views of the Ligurian Sea. After passing the little hamlet of Paraggi, we reach the elegant resort of Portofino.
In Portofino we climb up to the Church of St George and take in the view of the Two Gulfs before some free time in the famous ‘Piazzetta’. On the way back we cycle along the costal road to Santa Margherita Ligure, where our excursion ends.

“E-bikes are the best way to explore Liguria!”