May 12, 2020
Dafne Viaggi

Sentiero Liguria

The Italian Riviera, or rather Liguria, is a region of Northern Italy characterized by numerous protected areas and paths of varying difficulty.
If you are travellers who like to walk and immerse yourself in nature in search of authentic sensations and breathtaking panoramic views, then Liguria is the area you are looking for!
If you want to organize a “green and slow” trip, consider the Sentiero Liguria: a marked trail which crosses the whole region starting from Ventimiglia, on the border with France, up to Luni, in the far east, on the border with Tuscany.
675 km of hiking through woods, vineyards, olive groves, medieval villages following the typical “creuze”, paved paths or mule tracks, always accompanied by a splendid sea view.
Of course, we are not telling you to hike all 675 km – we neither discourage you! You can compose your
route, at your convenience and according to the level of preparation.
The Sentiero Liguria trail can be divided into laps (30 in total), which makes it interesting from a tourist
point of view. Each lap starts and ends in a different seaside village, where you can find an accommodation for the night, and all the villages are connected by rail.
You can tailor your itinerary, “cutting” the laps that you consider too demanding and moving to the starting point of the next interesting section.
Our advice? Choose among the laps between Genova and La Spezia: here the Sentiero Liguria trail crosses two regional parks (Portofino and Portovenere) in a national park (Cinque Terre), several areas of
naturalistic interest and great landscapes, as well as beautiful seaside villages and colourful historic centres.
For more information on the laps of the Sentiero Liguria trail, you can visit the official website:
The best seasons to hike in Liguria are autumn and spring.
It is possible to organize hotel accommodation in advance (strongly recommended in high season) and the transport of luggage from one hotel to the next.
What are you waiting for? Start planning your next green trip in Liguria!

Written by Veronica Littardi (Dafne Viaggi)

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